A Day in the Life of Number 5

Each day, the people who live and work here bring 5 Hanover Square to life, enjoying a quality of life elevated by quality of place

Early morning, and the streets around Hanover Square are alive with a purposeful bustle. Local residents jog briskly by, workers sip coffee as they stride towards their offices and tourists decipher maps at pavement cafes. At 5 Hanover Square, people enter the marble lobby and say hello to the friendly receptionist. Outside, passers-by stop to admire Esther Stocker’s dramatic, monochromatic marble wall art.

By mid-morning, business life is in full swing. The office floors are bright and busy, the angled windows washing the space with the morning light. Outside, the leaves ripple in a light breeze. Meetings are conducted in elegant, comfortable armchairs over fresh coffee and baked goods from a nearby pâtisserie. Thanks to the thoughtfully designed acoustics, the friendly hum of conversation is energising but never distracting. A client is ushered in by reception staff and shown to a comfortable waiting area.

As lunchtime arrives, workers filter downstairs to enjoy a salad on Hanover Square’s verdant lawn or enjoy a relaxed working lunch over Bordeaux and steak at a neighbourhood brasserie. Back at 5 Hanover Square, art lovers drop in to admire the latest Blain|Southern exhibition.

As the sun begins to slant across the square, natural light continues to fill the building. Solar panels on the roof soak up the sun’s rays to collect valuable energy, while ample greenery – on a portion of the roof and walls – also contributes to the building’s eco-credentials. The receptionist plays concierge, directing guests to discreet parking spaces, making reservations at a popular local eatery for visiting clients or booking cars for members of the team headed to Heathrow.

Gradually, the office floors begin to quieten as the workers head towards Bond Street for some after-work shopping, dinner in a lively Soho restaurant or an acclaimed show in the theatre district. Upstairs, a resident of 5 Hanover Square mixes cocktails for friends on her still-sunny terrace, making the most of the warm dusk. The sounds of a Mayfair evening can be heard just above the birds sounding the day’s end.