The Essence of 5 Hanover Square

Quality materials, thoughtful design and meticulous attention to detail distinguish 5 Hanover Square

5 Hanover Square is a beautiful building. Authoritative but not imposing, it is a thoughtful evolution of the stately Georgian buildings that surround it; a building that’s at home in its historic surrounds, yet utterly modern at every turn.

Its elegant proportions and handsome dark brick façade make it a sympathetic addition to the offices, restaurants and boutiques that share the neighbourhood. Inside, every aspect of the space has been considered, from the windows, carefully angled to reduce solar gain, to the brushed nickel door handles.

But these are not the only features that make 5 Hanover Square such a remarkable place. Take a stroll around the gardens. Admire the washes of dappled light and treetop views from the offices. Step onto the terrace. It’s the consideration of pleasure in the everyday.

Every space, every texture and every satisfying click of a door has been designed to bring the occupants of 5 Hanover Square pleasure and comfort. And yet this pleasure serves a very serious purpose – making people who dwell and work here happy. Happier, more productive and more sociable – more engaged with each other.

Because the essence of any place is surely the people; the feelings they entertain about a place, how they interact with it, and within it, with each other. Established and generous, 5 Hanover Square is a place to enjoy, and to be a part of.

The enjoyment isn’t limited to occupants, either. The ground floor gallery space offers an inspiring dose of culture to admirers of fine art. People fill Hanover Square at lunchtime to picnic on the grass, or to drink at a local pavement café after work. The sense of belonging is both architectural and social.

That’s as it should be. This is a building that’s been designed to be an important part of the fabric of W1. Built to outlast trends and to adapt to the changing needs of its residents, it is a deeply sustainable place, as evidenced in its innovative use of solar power and water recycling.

Perhaps, then, the essence of 5 Hanover Square can best be described as one of belonging: to its surrounds, to its neighbourhood, and above all to the people who fill it.